James Carroll Photobiomodulation and NovoTHOR Interview

Posted on 09 April 2019

In February 2019, we interviewed James Carroll who is the CEO and founder of Thor Photomedicine ( and the NovoTHOR light-pod (

He spoke to us about photobiomodulation and where the field is headed. These are some of the questions we asked him:

What is photobiomodulation and what does it do?

What conditions is photobiomodulation ideally suited for?

What is the current understanding of what photobiomodulation does and how it works?

Who are some of the big players that are really going to adopt it?

Which hospitals and institutions that are using the technology?

I heard that there might be some astronauts and Olympians that are using some of the therapies?

Could you tell us about any private clubs involved?

How do you think the Thor products are different to the other products on the market?

You now have a full body lightbed called the NovoTHOR. Tell me a little bit about what the NovoTHOR is.

Last year you received NICE recommendation for oral mucositis. Tell me what that is and what that means to you

What do you think about the future of photobiomodulation in Australia?

You recently did a presentation to the US Congress. Tell what the Opioid Crisis is and how you think that photobiomodulation might help?

Now that oral mucositis is taken care of, what is a next line therapy that you are going to target?

I hope you enjoy the answers from one of the leading Ambassadors of photobiomodulation in the world.