ReOxy is a new therapeutic treatment that is 100% drug-free and can benefit patients’ cognitive function, physical performance, body condition, post-COVID recovery and overall well-being. TGA Approved ARTG: 408421

Introductory ReOxy Visit $350
10 pack @ $300 each $3000 (includes 5 lightbed sessions)
20 pack @ $250 each $5000 (includes 10 lightbed sessions)

ReOxy achieves this by stimulating a state of hypoxia where there are decreased levels of oxygen in the body.

The ReOxy therapy then creates a different state within the body where the oxygen levels are high and this is called hyperoxia. The ReOxy treatment can induce safe Hypoxia conditions accessible to everyone.

The ReOxy treatment uses Intermittent Hypoxia Hyperoxia Therapy (IHHT) creates alternating periods of reduced oxygen (hypoxia) and increased oxygen (hyperoxia).

Our bodies have a natural ability to adapt to these variations in oxygen and this adaptive reaction induces changes within our organs, tissues and cells to enhance the body’s overall resilience and performance. The benefits of inducing these adaptive effects are well known and top athletes train under these conditions to improve their performance.

These different states are created by reduced and enriched oxygen gas mixtures which lead to more efficient transport and utilisation of oxygen by body tissue. The ReOxy therapy is based on short periods of controlled hypoxia with intermittent recovery intervals. The recovery periods are rich in oxygen and this increases the positive effects and efficiency of the hypoxic therapy.

Every person is unique and needs a specific program based on their needs. The ReOxy proprietary software uses artificial intelligence-based technology to calculate the program which is best suited for each person.

The recommended treatment regime is 20 sessions at a minimum frequency of three sessions per week. The ReOxy treatments are relaxing as a patient needs only to sit, breathe, relax and obtain the benefits.



Here are the steps involved in ReOxy treatment:

1) Sit down and put on the ReOxy mask and sensor.

2) Breathe normally and the AI-powered software will calculate the best training program for the patient.

3) The program starts and the patient can sit and relax and breathe for the 40-minute session.


Why does ReOxy therapy create so many benefits?

The discovery of the molecular mechanisms underlying how cells sense and adapt to variations in oxygen supply was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2019.

The three Nobel Laureates revealed the mechanism for one of life’s most essential adaptive processes and established the basis for our understanding of how oxygen levels affect cellular metabolism and physiological function.

The ReOxy breathing therapy device – shown in the photo below – provides treatment using individually tailored reduced-oxygen (hypoxic) gas mixtures, interspersed with oxygen-enriched (hyperoxic) gas mixtures. These are all monitored and adjusted in real-time during the treatment.

The ReOxy treatment has come after more than 25 years of research with the first machines being made in Germany. The concept of treatment with controlled hypoxia is not new – this has been talked about for over 50 years.



The ReOxy treatment is easy to do – simply sit back and breathe in through the mask for 40 minutes.

The spectrum of benefits of ReOxy treatment includes helping people with heart disease, chronic respiratory problems, chronic fatigue and Long COVID. There have been some trials indicating it could also improve the risk of early dementia. It’s also been found to improve metabolism, can be useful for losing weight and for diabetes.

It’s all to do with this regulation – the reaction of this protein, which resets basically how your body utilises oxygen. It resets the mitochondrial function, which is the key to the energy of the body. And that’s why it changes metabolism. It’s not often there’s a treatment with such a wide spectrum of benefits and at the same time, it’s been completely natural, safe and medically approved.

Also, behind this machine there is also Nobel Prize winning research because they actually found that in our body we have a protein which gets activated through the hypoxia which then starts a chain of regenerating, anti-aging reactions in our body, including stimulation of certain hormones within the immune system.

For the ReOxy treatment, patients do a course of the treatment. The full package is 20 treatments.



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