NovoTHOR – One of the Four of the Most Advanced Recovery Methods Every Runner Should Be Using

Posted on 03 April 2019

It’s wonderful to read an article in the Sydney Morning Herald Fitness section naming the NovoTHOR Lightbed as one of the four “most advanced recovery methods every runner should be using”. This article in Executive Style is written by Laura Hill (March 5 2019).

Our NovoTHOR lightbed in Neutral Bay improves recovery and reduces muscle soreness after exercise by reducing inflammation and optimising ATP production. NIKE sponsored athletes are expected to use the NovoTHOR lightpod three times a week. US Olympians from Rio credit four of their gold medals to using the NovoTHOR.

However, you don’t need to be a professional runner to take advantage of these health benefits. Weekend warriors or anyone training for a race or event can make use of the bed so they have the energy to keep training and stick to an exercise regime.

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Source: Executive Style: Four of the most advanced recovery methods every runner should be using.